NETSTAR IP Telephony Service is a killer application service from NETSTAR. Everyone can call anyone from all over the world with a single number, you can bring that number to anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet. Communication is not only a voice, with NETSTAR IP Telephony your communication will be unified, portable and cost-saving with crystal clear quality. We can bring NETSTAR to remote or rural areas to ensure you don’t miss a call and anything important. NETSTAR IP Telephony can be used for call center applications. You can choose call center location anywhere and serve your customer from other locations in the world or even you can build a call center on a cloud basis. With NETSTAR you can do all those things an easy. NETSTAR is available for a 3play service where the internet, TV, and phone run simultaneously without affecting each other. As an addition, NETSTAR can be used in any of android or IOS device. You still can be reached from any one in any place without having and paying a roaming fee from the operators. NETSTAR IP Telephony Service has a unique tariff that do not distinguish long-distance or local call. Each call will be charged just one tariff for all domestic calls. You do not have to worry about the any of bill shock at the end of the month. NETSTAR IP Telephony is also provided free call service between NETSTAR customers. This service is useful for customers who have branches or friend in other locations. NETSTAR telephony service can also be used on top of most carrier networks, this will make our service available worldwide.