Entertainment is a necessity for humans and human is the most important figure in business. NETSTAR can help your business grow by using entertainment and humanism as an important part of it. NETSTAR TV solution will be entertaining the human by keeping them interact with your business and interaction among them.

NETSTAR now is serving a broad range of technology for entertainment TV. Starting with Analog and Digital MATV Headend for Hospitality Service, Digital Cable Broadcasting System, IPTV Interactive Service with multicast and unicast technology and also Digital Signed and Promotion System.

For a company who has many branches and site, NETSTAR can give you the best solution to make them connect one with another. NETSTAR as a fiber optics network in most cities in Indonesia.

NETSTAR is also can help companies to build a connection or VPN link in rural or offshore area. NETSTAR is available with most recognized and suitable infrastructure in the market which is Cellular Data Exchange, VSAT and Wireless or Microwave Link. NETSTAR also can deploy your cloud to give them more security and flexibility. NETSTAR Datacom is the best solution at ever had.